Let Me Give You a Sneak Peak Into What the Masterclass Will Give You

  • No Time-Pressures: Imagine sipping a warm cup of coffee while tuning into the wisdom of seasoned home-schoolers and survivalist gurus, right on your own schedule. No more juggling around your busy life to accommodate the event.
  • Learning on Repeat: Ever had a moment of brilliance while revisiting a book or a movie? That's the beauty of replays! You could be kneading bread for dinner, hit play, and stumble upon a game-changing homeschooling strategy you missed the first time around.
  • Handy Extras: Picture this – you're cozy on the couch, highlighting a transcript from a session that just flipped your understanding of solar power upside down. We're all about making the learning process as smooth as possible for you.
  • The Gift That Keeps Giving: Imagine having a personal library of wisdom to tap into, anytime you're stumped on a self-sufficiency issue or a homeschooling hurdle. That's the power of lifetime access!
  • No Overwhelm, Just Insight: Imagine taking a week off to let an intense session sink in. Then returning refreshed, ready to absorb more. Learning at your pace means ditching the stress and savoring the wisdom.
  • Real-life Roadmaps: Picture waking up one morning and using a gardening tip from a speaker to finally kick-start your home vegetable patch. These sessions offer tried-and-true methods that will work in your real life.
  • Confidence Boost: Can you feel the rush when you confidently plan out your child’s learning journey, or when you nail a tough topic, thanks to a session insight? That's the confidence boost we're talking about.
  • Exclusive Bonuses: Think about this - exclusive access to a bonus seminar that finally makes teaching algebra a breeze, or a discount on survivalist gear that steps up your self-sufficiency game.
  • Investing in Tomorrow: Visualize a future where your kids learn from life, not just textbooks; where you relish the taste of tomatoes grown in your backyard. Investing in the masterclass is investing in that lifestyle, for today and all your tomorrows.
  • And Much More

This masterclass equips you with all the knowledge and resources you need to build a life rooted in self-sufficiency and an education that breaks free from the textbook. It empowers you to shake off societal constraints and breathe life into your unique, freedom-loving lifestyle.

Wondering about the price? Get ready for a pleasant surprise... How much do you shell out each month on utility bills, textbooks, or even those quick-fix 'independence courses'?

What if I told you that for a one-time investment LOWER THAN your MONTHLY textbook bill, you get access to everything we've talked about?

Sounds like a no-brainer, right?

And there's no trick up our sleeves - I'm so convinced of the worth of this offer that I'll even throw in a money-back guarantee. Grasp this chance to shape your future and that of your kids, staying true to your non-conformist, freedom-loving spirit.


Embrace Independence and an Unchained Life for You and Your Family

Unearth Timeless Wisdom, Practical Skills, and Revolutionary Education Strategies to Craft a Life of Self-Sufficiency and Holistic Learning. Experience True Freedom, Here and Now!


Welcome to the brink of a life-changing revelation, the gateway to a masterclass that's sparking a revolution among nonconformists and other freedom lovers. 

This is not your typical masterclass; it's a stark revelation for those yearning to break free from societal chains and step into more self-sufficiency in this unfree world..

Picture this: You're sitting at your dinner table, enjoying the crisp, fresh crunch of salad greens - a salad you didn't buy from a store, but one you nurtured from seed to sprout in your own backyard. 

The tangy tomatoes, the sharp rocket leaves, each bite echoing with the taste of freedom, the triumph of autonomy. That's the world this masterclass opens up to you, a world where you silence critics and societal expectations, all while dancing to your own rhythm.

We've all been tempted by those 'become independent in 30 days' courses or misled into believing that true learning can only happen within school walls. If you've tried those routes and found them lacking, you're in good company. 

Here, at this masterclass, we're doing things differently, guided by the real-life experiences of those who've trodden the path of self-sufficiency and homeschooling.

The nonconformist self-sufficiency, home school, and freedom movements are spreading like wildflowers. And this masterclass aims to bring you the latest information, strategies, and stories to make it a reality in your own life.

Navigating the world of self-sufficiency and creating more freedom “at home” can often feel like a convoluted maze, but at this masterclass, we're cutting through the chaos. 

You’ll discover pieces that just fit, like missing puzzle pieces finally clicking into place.

As you participate in each of the presentations you'll be stepping into a whole new world, a world where you:

  • Share in the pride of a parent who's taught their child not just to gaze at the stars, but to understand them, to navigate by them...
  • Feel the triumph that comes with transforming a handful of seeds and a patch of earth into a pantry filled with your home-grown produce...
  • Experience the satisfaction of flipping on a light, knowing it's powered by the energy you harnessed from the sun and wind...

This masterclass is not merely a lecture—it's a compass guiding you towards a lifestyle that breathes freedom and creativity. 

But be prepared, it all begins with a tale of bumps and stumbles, a story that might evoke a few chuckles. Yet, it holds the key to understanding why those glossy, overhyped solutions of the past left you stranded.

Stay with us through this masterclass and you'll uncover a path that's unique, intuitive, and incredibly effective. A path that leads to your dream of standing on your own two feet, of teaching your children the kind of wisdom textbooks can't provide, all anchored in a lifestyle that embodies freedom at its very core.

So come, join us ain the masterclass. You owe it to yourself and your dreams. It's an opportunity that might just reshape your life, transforming the possible into reality.


BECAUSE... You're sick and tired of the looming threat that’s holding you back... the secret enemies that are shackling your aspirations for a freer life and quashing your dreams of a fulfilling home education... 

They're sly predators infiltrating our homes, schools and airwaves causing a "Freedom Famine" throughout the US, Canada and the world..

As you start to wake up to this reality, you might be asking why you feel like an alien in your own community, longing for companionship from folks who also crave a life less ordinary.

Hold that thought, and let's discuss a prevalent myth. The myth that achieving self-sufficiency means completely cutting ties with society and civilization. The misconception that for your child to learn, they must be sat at a desk in a room filled with thirty other kids, guided by standardized textbooks.

Well, it’s a ruse.

Did you know that homeschooled kids are usually more academically successful and better socialized than their traditionally schooled peers? Or that families who gradually adopt a more self-sufficient lifestyle, without going full-on hermit, tend to be happier and less stressed?

Here’s the real scoop: You don't have to retreat into a wilderness to live freely and independently. And knowledge isn’t just found in classroom lessons; it’s in the rustle of leaves, the chirp of the birds, and the star-studded canvas of the night sky.

Sadly, many free spirits like you have been led astray… enticed by shiny shortcuts promising independence in a month or the illusion that education is confined to classrooms. These deceitful paths are leading you away from the sweet taste of self-sufficiency and holistic learning.

In reality, this detour leaves you feeling like you're wading through molasses, battling against a society that values conformity over individuality... You're left juggling watered-down guides and feeling like a square peg in a world of round holes... And despite yearning for the security of self-reliance, you're still tethered to a grid you don’t trust...

I don’t want this for you.

So, what's this Freedom Famine?

Imagine an insatiable beast slowly gnawing away at individual independence and creativity. It's not just making most people reliant on grid electricity or the supermarket down the street; it's robbing your children of the opportunity to learn and grow organically, to question, to create, to think critically.

The cure to this Freedom Famine is within reach, ready to propel you towards your dreams of a self-sufficient, educationally enriching life… 

So, how do we vanquish this beast? 



You're frustrated. We get it.

Sick of the sameness of the education system that clamps down on your kids' creative spirit like a vice. Tired of the invisible puppet strings society uses to keep you dancing to their tune, forcing you to rely on systems that fail more often than they succeed.

You've spent hours poring over shallow guidebooks that skim the surface of self-reliance, feeling like a lone wolf in a world that can't understand your hunger for freedom. 

You're fed up with the umbilical cords tying you to the conveniences of modern life that are more crutch than comfort.

You dream of feeling the roughness of the earth beneath your fingertips, planting your own food, harnessing the energy of the sun and wind, reaching back in time to find natural healing methods that have been forgotten. You crave a life that isn't just lived but breathed in with every ounce of your being.

So here's my first piece of advice, free and simple: start small. 

Convert a corner of your yard into a mini vegetable patch, or if space is a constraint, start a herb garden on your kitchen window sill. There's a joy in watching a seed you planted break ground and grow, a sense of achievement that's hard to describe. 

And when you bite into your first homegrown tomato or sprinkle fresh basil over your pasta, you'll get a taste of the freedom you're seeking. It’s a small step, but remember, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

But what you're really looking for, the key to breaking free from those puppet strings, let’s call it "Nature's Classroom". It's the intersection of learning and living, where your kids get an education not confined within four walls but from the boundless world outside. 

Think about it - when your kid learns fractions while baking bread, history through the rings of a tree trunk, physics while flying a kite, that’s an education that sticks. It goes beyond textbooks and touches life itself.

It's not a cakewalk though, it takes effort and persistence. But when your kid looks up at the night sky and navigates by the stars instead of a GPS, that's when you'll feel a surge of pride that no top grade on a report card can give you. That's when you know they'll stand tall and strong when life throws a curveball at them. So...


Do you yearn for a more authentic connection with nature and sustainable living? Could our guides on self-sufficiency, organic farming, and home schooling be the key to fulfilling your dreams?


Do you believe in being prepared for any possible future catastrophe? Could the skills and knowledge of self-sustainability and education be the lifeline you're looking for?


Do you work remotely and frequently move around? Could our guides help you sustain yourself in various environments and homeschool your children despite your nomadic lifestyle?


Do you strive to limit your impact on the earth by living sustainably and reducing reliance on industrial systems? Could homeschooling your children about these practices align with your values?


Have you chosen a life removed from societal systems? Could our guidance on self-sufficiency and homeschooling help you shape your unique community and educate your children outside of mainstream systems?




  • Unshackle your Mind: Break free from the common confines of modern society and its one-size-fits-all education system. No more enforced curricula, no more dependence on external structures.
  • A Taste of Real Freedom: Get hands-on lessons on cultivating your own food, tapping into renewable energy, and making natural remedies. Feel the gratification of biting into a tomato you've grown yourself, and savor the independence it signifies.
  • Rekindle Ancient Wisdom: Dabble in the art of old-world wisdom. Whether it's navigating by the stars or creating salves from garden herbs, you'll be tapping into knowledge that has stood the test of time.
  • Personal Empowerment: Discover that you have the ability to be both parent and educator. Recognize your own strengths and experience the thrill of imparting invaluable life lessons to your children.
  • Money-saving Techniques: Learn to significantly cut down on your expenses. Watch in awe as your utility bills dwindle and your hard-earned cash stays where it belongs - in your pocket.
  • Holistic Education: Guide your children through a comprehensive learning experience that goes beyond textbooks. Inspire them with real-world skills that prepare them for the future in a way traditional classrooms can't.
  • Concrete Self-Sufficiency Skills: Get practical, actionable strategies on how to kick-start and maintain your self-sufficient lifestyle, from building your own shelter to harvesting rainwater.
  • Connect with Like-minded Community: Find your tribe among other freedom seekers. Share stories, swap tips, and foster connections that go beyond geographical boundaries.
  • Expert Guidance: Get invaluable advice from experts who have walked the self-sufficiency path before you. Learn from their triumphs and their mistakes, all in the comfort of your own home.
  • Fuel Your Independence Journey: Reignite your passion for autonomy, empowering you to continue down the path of self-sufficiency, all while molding your children's future with your own hands.
  • Feel the Triumph of Resilience: As each solar-powered light flickers on in your home, feel the glow of achievement. You are the architect of your freedom, the master of your destiny.
  • Confidence in Crisis: Equip yourself and your family with the skills to survive and thrive, no matter what life throws your way. From power outages to pandemics, you’ll be ready.

Don't miss the opportunity to revolutionize your self sufficiency and freedom at home. Secure your spot today and start carving out  the non-conformist lifestyle you deserve!



Rebecca has worked in the events industry since 2010 when she started her own extreme sports film festival called CAFF. She went on to collaborate with a projection art event and to Tropical Steampunk set of costume events. In those years she worked at major arts festivals, music events and Australia's biggest food festival - learning lots of tricks and gathering ideas along the way.

She has lived a free and fun life filled with travel and adventure including 4400 skydives over many beautiful places in the world. Her visual art work can be seen at many freedom events including Anarchapulco, Flotefest and Skyfamily Las Vegas.



Jay feels people are letting the government schools raise their kids. He is preparing the next generation to have the confidence and competence to not need government, and teaching parents how to build confidence in their children.


Blake has studied, practiced, & taught permaculture throughout Australia & internationally. His education includes broad acre regenerative farming, biodynamics, syntropics, market gardening, bio-intensive & nutrient-dense gardening.


Nick produces one of the longest running sustainability fairs in the country, bourn out of the necessity of teaching owner builders how to use avant-garde constructions materials.


 Imani Mamalution and Paul River Richardson co-founded Haven Earth PMA in 2020  to inspire a revolution in how we dwell and offer a dynamic educational model for getting back to the land that is both resilient and regenerative. 


Focused on helping people and animals since 2012, Brent 'BURNTmd' Kaufman has been working with medicinal plants for over 20 years. He helps patients with life-threatening ailments learn how to optimize their diet, healthcare, and lifestyle.


Lainie Liberti is a author, speaker, community leader, and advocate for alternative education. She is a pioneer in the worldschooling movement and founded Transformative Mentoring for Teens to help support the mental health of adolescents.


Tasha is a Mama of three boys who unleashed her kids from the formal education system to a lifestyle of radical unschooling. She left behind a life of structure and outside expectations to purse one built on true happiness and connection


 Jim is the extraordinary mind behind Food Forest Abundance and a force of nature. As a permaculture advocate, entrepreneur, and CEO, he has dedicated his life to transforming how we interact with our environment, cultivating a sustainable future for all.


Marjory is the female leader of the Survival and Preparedness movement.  In 2009 she founded The Grow Network, which is a community of people focused on modern self-sufficient living.


Rachel is a child protection advocate, whistle-blower, researcher, and childhood survivor of satanic ritual abuse and MK Ultra mind control. She participates in interviews, round tables, and public speaking engagements.


Matt Roeske founded Cultivate Elevate to bring back information that has been suppressed and caused our society to become sicker and weaker.


Tonielle, aka Earth Mumma, is a permaculture educator, podcaster and plant lover who supports people to upgrade their lifestyle, grow abundantly and be a regenerative force as an earth carer. 


Dr. Lydia and Arturo are Architects from Greece and Mexico. The  Specialize in geobiology and sacred geometry, while applying wellness and ancient principles to design.


Danny started in Crypto in 2013, out of the Ron Paul movement and was a big part of The Crypto Show. Danny works today with 2 privacy crypto projects as well as travel vlogs about riding his motorbike around Mexico and the US.


Sophie spent most of her life wanting to "transcend the body" and employed various spiritual principles to help in this endeavor.  However, after earning her first master's degree in Spiritual Psychology she realized that the body actually held the key to true healing.


Catherine Bleish Bonandin lives a magical life in the wooded acres of an intentional community located in rural central Texas.  She and her husband Paolo raise chickens and goats on their homestead, and spend a lot of time amongst the trees on the forest paths.

Break Conventional Education Chains

Grow Food, Harness Energy, Make Remedies

Learn From Self-Sufficiency Experts

Reignite Your Passion for Autonomy

Much, Much More

Find Like-Minded Freedom Seekers

Explore Comprehensive, Real-World Learning


As seen on the HBO series The Anarchists, Miranda has been attending or involved with Anarchapulco and its community in some form or another since 2016. She is best known for being the community fugitive having run from cannabis charges to Anarchapulco to tell the agorist tale first just on Steemit then to the world as a whole through the aforementioned series.

Since then, Miranda has been working for Anarchapulco since the end of 2020 and is now coproducer of the event taking on many roles within the organization. Miranda is also founder of Anarchaforko, now Agoraforko, the agorist decentralized portion of Anarchapulco to be held annually.

When she’s not freelance working for Anarchapulco or other organizations or people, she is found flying through the air on a trapeze or aerial silks doing circus tricks or crocheting custom crochet orders for her agorist business.


Anarcho-Capitalist. Libertarian. Freedom fighter against mankind’s two biggest enemies, the State and the Central Banks. Jeff Berwick founded The Dollar Vigilante (TDV) in 2010 with Ed Bugos. Jeff is a prominent speaker at many of the world’s freedom, investment and cryptocurrency conferences including Anarchapulco, his own annual event in Acapulco, Mexico currently going on its 10th year.

Jeff’s background in the financial markets dates back to his founding of Canada’s largest financial website, Stockhouse.com, in 1994. In the late ‘90s the company expanded worldwide into 8 different countries and had 250 employees and a market capitalization of $240 million USD at the peak of the “tech bubble”.  He was the first financial analyst in the world to recommend Bitcoin at $3 in 2011. 

He has since been banned nearly everywhere for exposing the globalist and central bank systems but still publishes regular videos on Vigilante.tv with his dog Lucy.

He published a worldwide best selling book, ‘The Controlled Demolition of the American Empire’ in 2020 and was one of the first to expose the entire Covid plandemic psychological operation which he outlined in his book.

Berwick is no longer allowed on mainstream television, Youtube, Facebook and most other mainstream platforms as he constantly exposes government narratives and helps people to not only survive but profit from the financial collapse and the apocalypse.

100% Virtual 


Do you seek a lifestyle that's healthier and more in tune with nature? Could our resources on organic gardening, alternative health practices, and a holistic approach to education enrich your life?


Do you have plenty of time and a desire for independence? Could our resources on building a sustainable lifestyle and possibly homeschooling your grandchildren or community children be useful to you?


Are you living in remote areas where self-sufficiency skills are a must and homeschooling might be a necessity? Could our resources help expand your knowledge base?


Could our resources help you understand your customer base better, develop relevant products, or adopt sustainable practices? As a busy professional, could you also consider our homeschooling guides as a viable education option for your children?



When is the Masterclass and how do I attend?

The masterclass is an online, virtual classroom that you can jump into immediately! That means absolutely NO travel. No borders. No airports. No hotels. 

You attend from the comfort of your home or office. All you need is an Internet connection and a computer (yes, you can attend on a mobile device or tablet, but a computer will give you the best experience).

I registered online, but haven't received an email confirmation or receipt yet What should I do?

You should have received a confirmation email from Anarchapulco immediately after registering for the Masterclass. Make sure to check your spam/junk/promotions folder. If you do not see your confirmation within 15 minutes of registering, please send a message at helpdesk@anarchapulco.com

To make sure that you receive ALL event communications, please add the emails you receive from Anarchapulco to your safe-sender/white list. 






Choice 1: do nothing.

Imagine waking up to the same old schedule - relying on a system of control, the repetitive jingle of the news telling what to think and what not to think..

The discomforting feeling of sending your kids off to an education system that forces them into the same mold, a mold that you've questioned time and again.

See yourself a year from now - stuck in the same loop of monotony and dissatisfaction, feeling the gnawing pain of the Freedom Famine coming after your family, wishing for a different life but tethered to a system that seems unbreakable.

Then there’s Choice 2:

Take the information I just gave you and try to go at this alone...

And who knows?

You may find a seed here, a bit of water there, a hint of sunshine elsewhere.

Eventually, you might be able to piece together something resembling a self-sufficient life, the homeschooling schedule haphazardly falling into place.

You may see some progress but it'll be riddled with setbacks, second-guessing, and steep learning curves.

And you may never arrive…

But it’s better than Choice 1, I’m sure you’d agree…

Or there's the smarter choice:

The one really savvy folks take to speed up their progress.

This is the quickest, fastest, and smartest way possible to stand on your own two feet, free from the chains of the system, imparting wisdom to their kids not from textbooks alone, but from the raw lessons of life and nature itself.


There's no reason to try this on your own. We've already done all the work for you.

There's no need to scratch your head in frustration…

Guessing your way to "halfway there"...

Because others have already walked that road.

This masterclass was tailor-made to overcome Freedom Famine, the one thing holding you back from standing on your own two feet, free from the chains of the system...

…all while giving you a step-by-step guide to the transformative power of Nature’s Classroom.

It’s time you were introduced to… The Non Conformist Series: Freedom Begins At Home Edition Masterclass

This masterclass is based on decades of practical experience, shaping lifestyles that are not mere dreams, but a reality for so many nonconformist individuals. It's designed to break you free from the constraints of modern society and empower you to live life on your own terms.

This proven and simple to follow steps you learn about self-sufficiency and homeschooling can work for you even if…

  • You think you don’t have the time...
  • You think you don't have the space...
  • You believe you don't have the knowledge...
  • You're worried about the costs...
  • You fear you won't be a good teacher...
  • You're concerned about social isolation...
  • Or even if you think you have tried everything!

Our speakers are experts and their techniques and strategies are innovative, and time-tested. They've refined them over decades to ensure they work for you.

Before I tell you what The Non Conformist Series: Freedom Begins At Home Edition is…


This isn’t a quick fix magic bullet...

It isn’t an all-talk, no-action program...

And it definitely isn’t some generic self-sufficiency or homeschooling approach you’ve seen or tried before.

THIS is the bonafide real deal.

The Non Conformist Series: Freedom Begins At Home Edition is the direct result of recruiting 30 speakers with decades of study and experience…

…years of digging through the trenches to discover what really works…

…and then applying it in the real world.

This passionate research also revealed specific patterns the ultra-successful do.

Patterns virtually hidden from the public that took years to simplify…

And now, starting today, their success can be your success.

The Non Conformist Series: Freedom Begins At Home Edition as your proven path to…

Achieving self-sufficiency...

Imagine waking up to a morning where you pluck fresh vegetables for breakfast right from your garden...

Imparting wisdom and knowledge to your children...

Visualize seeing your children learn, grow, and thrive in an environment created by you...

Creating a thriving community...

Consider living in a community where sharing, helping, and co-learning are the norms...

Having financial stability...

Envision reducing your grocery bills significantly, while ensuring fresh, organic food for your family every day...

And becoming the master of your own destiny...

Imagine living life on your own terms, free from the system's chains...

And so much more…

The Non Conformist Series: Freedom Begins At Home Edition is not just a  masterclass; it's a life-changing journey towards freedom and self-reliance, one that's already been embraced by thousands of nonconformists like you. Don't wait. 

Embrace the journey today.


Let me share something I believe you know already:

There are no press-a-button answers to standing on your own two feet, free from the chains of the system, imparting wisdom to your kids not from textbooks alone, but from the raw lessons of life and nature itself.

Few things in this life are that easy…

We both know that.

But when it comes to self-sufficiency and homeschooling without the constraints of traditional systems?

The Non Conformist Series: Freedom Begins At Home Edition is as easy as it gets.

And that’s the best anyone can ask for…agreed?

It comes complete with…

30 expert presenters. These experts range from seasoned homesteaders, experienced homeschooling parents, to sustainability gurus - each offering unique insights from their field of expertise.

So rather than getting overwhelmed by the pressure of understanding every minute detail on your own...

…you get to absorb decades worth of knowledge distilled into practical tips and strategies, directly from experts who have walked the path.

Presentations and live interviews. This format allows you to hear straight from the mouths of our experts, their personal stories, lessons, failures and triumphs, in a conversational, engaging manner.

So rather than wading through dry, heavy textbooks and confusing internet articles...

…you get to immerse yourself in enlightening narratives, learning through anecdotes and real-life experiences that leave a deep, lasting impression.

Interactive chat with other attendees. With this feature, you can ask your burning questions directly to the presenters or discuss among the community of like-minded individuals.

So rather than feeling isolated in your journey towards self-sufficiency and homeschooling...

…you get to be part of a thriving community, benefiting from shared knowledge, support, and camaraderie.

And much more!

So as you can see:

This isn’t just “a” solution to breaking free from the confines of societal norms...

It’s THE solution.

Now it should be crystal clear why The Non Conformist Series: Freedom Begins At Home Edition carries a retail value of $295...

But hold on, don't reach for your wallet just yet.

You see, this is a price you’ll never pay if you stay on this page…

You're in for a much better deal...

…and the reason for that will be unveiled soon.

Of course, you could simply continue down the path you’re on today…

…but let's be real, where does that lead?

Endless hours spent slaving for the system, barely having time to witness your children grow...

Feeling like a cog in the machine, lacking the freedom to call your life truly yours...

Always being reliant on a system that barely cares for your individuality, never exploring the liberating paths of self-sufficiency...

Watching your kids becoming another brick in the wall, learning from textbooks but missing out on the vital lessons that nature and life provide...

Neither of us sees that as your future…right?

So let's change the narrative, shall we?

That’s why I want to make this an easy YES:

That’s why, The Non Conformist Series: Freedom Begins At Home Edition...

…it’s not $495...

…it’s not $295...

…it’s not even half that!

Today your investment to help ensure you stand on your own two feet, free from the chains of the system, imparting wisdom to your kids not from textbooks alone, but from the raw lessons of life and nature itself…

…is is ONLY $127.


It’s because we have a mission.

We’ve made helping freedom lovers and nonconformists stand on their own two feet our life’s mission…

…and for us, that means reaching as many folks like you as we can.

Money should never stand in the way of freedom...

…So, we've made The Non Conformist Series: Freedom Begins At Home Edition available for only $129 to reach the number of people we’re called to reach.

All you have to do to join this thriving community and kick start your self-sufficiency and home schooling journey with us is click the button you see below…right now…

…and it’s all yours for only $129.


It's not just a fantastic bargain you'll be receiving today...

You'll become a vital part of our mission to reach millions of freedom lovers and nonconformists with this life-altering message:

“Now you CAN do this!”

“Now you CAN stand on your own two feet, free from the chains of the system, without feeling overwhelmed or falling for quick fix solutions!”

“Now you CAN realize the vision you have for yourself!”

And you’ll be welcomed into our self-sufficiency and homeschooling family with open arms.

So click on the button below to register today...


Life is short, and you've been struggling with self-sufficiency and homeschooling far too long...

Imagine spending another year, five years, a decade, tethered to the system, unable to live life on your terms. Picture the same cycle of discontent, the same old schooling methods failing to inspire or empower your kids. Can you stand it?

But, let me tell you:

All of this can be avoided today simply by clicking the button below.

Let's envision together:

It’s one week from now…

…and it’s already happening:

You wake up with no interest in listening to the doom and gloom of the news because you know you’re setting yourself up to support your family no matter what happens.

You see your kids learning by doing, engaged, curious and most importantly - happy.

You realize you are becoming self-reliant, each passing day filling you with a sense of profound satisfaction.

Fast forward to 30 days later…

Life now is so different, almost unrecognizable from a month ago.

The sunlight filters in through the window as you wake up. No more alarms, no more grudgingly preparing to be a slave to the system that isn’t serving you. 

You've started growing your own food, and the sight of the first sprouting seeds brings you inexplicable joy. 

You see your kids running around in the backyard, collecting bugs, inspecting leaves, asking questions. 

Their textbooks are no longer the only source of learning; nature has become a vibrant, interactive classroom. You are living life on your own terms, standing on your own two feet. The sense of freedom is invigorating, intoxicating.

And it all started right here, right now, today…

When you click the button you see below right now…

…and join us inside our The Non Conformist Series family.

Take that step toward this new future, and do it right now!










  • Imani Mamalution & Paul River Richardson: A decentralized educational model of returning to the land with Healthy Hemp Homes
  • Dr Lydia & Arturo de Leon : Architecture for Life Harmonics in the 5 Levels of Being
  • Nick Nevares: Radical Community Reliance
  • Danny Sessom & Jona Price: Nomadic Homestead
  • Jay Noone: Investing in Our Posterity
  • Marjory Wildcraft : How To Grow Half of Your Own Food in a Backyard in Less Than an Hour per Day
  • Tonielle Christensen: Nature Kids & Permaculture Education For Families
  • Matt Roeske: The Untold Story of Electroculture 
  • Blake Hudson: Permaculture Design and Technology
  • Jim Gale: Revealing the Secret for a Free and Abundant Future
  • Catherine Bleish Bonandin: Re-Villaging Education
  • Lainie Liberti: Anarchist Parenting: Tools for Partnership, Mental Health & Connection Over Coercion
  • Tasha Fishman: Unschooling is the Antidote to Global Tyranny
  • Brent 'BURNTmd' Kaufman: Farms Not Pharms
  • Sophie Fletcher: Gaining Greater Somatic Self Awareness utilizing Nervous System Practices and Human Design
  • Rachel Vaughan: True Child Protection

Building Resilient Communities

Food Growing and Homesteading

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Are you craving to feel free and autonomous each day, using the powers of self-sufficiency and home schooling to reach your goals? To stand tall, independent, and teach your children the real, raw lessons from life and nature? All while throwing the rulebook out the window?

I sure am!

And you know what? You can do this too. You don't have to be trapped by one-size-fits-all education and society's invisible ties that force us to depend on unreliable systems. You can take control and carve out a path that fits your unique, freedom-loving, non-conformist lifestyle.

That's where The Non Conformist Series: Freedom Begins at Home Edition comes in. It's like your personal guide to a life filled with freedom. It's about nurturing your body, mind, and independence spirit, while building strong connections with others who, just like you, question the status quo. But, don't worry if you can't absorb it all at once, or can't attend every session right away. After all, you're an innovative non-conformist, right? We've got your back.

So, Why a Masterclass?

To make sure you can take in all the amazing stuff from the Non Conformist Series: Freedom Begins at Home Edition, but on your own time!

We made the masterclass just for people like you — the freedom lovers and nonconformists. Those who are determined to be free, to pass on wisdom to their children, and to make a difference in this world. And, we know you're juggling other things too, like home schooling, living a self-sufficient lifestyle, and facing society's expectations.

With this class, you can drop in on sessions whenever it works for you, especially when you're looking for answers on how to efficiently manage self-sufficiency and home schooling. It's a shortcut to becoming independent and teaching life's raw lessons to your kids.

Together, we can challenge the ordinary, unlock your hidden potential in self-sufficiency and home schooling, and boost your non-conformist spirit. Don't miss out on this chance to make a real difference in your life, your children's education, and the lives of those around you, while shaping a future that syncs up perfectly with your unique lifestyle.


30-Day No Questions Asked Guarantee

I’m so confident that you’ll absolutely LOVE everything The Non Conformist Series: Freedom Begins At Home Edition Masterclass gives you, that I’m willing to offer you an outrageous 100% money back guarantee.

Here's how it works

Enroll in the Masterclass and try everything out for 30 days.

Watch as many of the world-class expert sessions as you'd like, and if you don’t feel it has been a worthwhile investment (for any reason), then simply send an email to our support team within 30 days, and we’ll refund your money in full, no questions asked.  You can even keep your copy of the Homestead Guru Bundle just for trying.





Get every word of The Non Conformist Series: Freedom Begins At Home Edition, written and double checked by a professional transcription team. Need to know exactly what was said, but don't want to replay a session, just refer to the transcripts and you won't miss a thing.


Relax and enjoy every presentation as often as you want without any need to take notes. Our professional note takers will summarize everything and even create study plans with the most important information. This bonus alone is worth more than the price of admission.



(VALUE $97)

Stepping into the freedom-loving homesteading lifestyle? We've got a power-packed bonus for you - the Homestead Guru Bundle.

Firstly, dive into "Unschooling: Freedom-Based Education Ebook." This 74-page guide uncages learning, letting your kids' creativity and curiosity soar. It's education, unchained.

Next, get your hands dirty with the "Grow Your Own eBook." From natural pest control to seed-starting, it's your personal 96-page gardening guru.

Hungry? The "Homestead Guru Recipe eBook" offers a feast of homegrown, soul-nourishing recipes. It's a 59-page ticket to culinary adventures!

Stay toasty in winter with our "Homesteading in Winter: Fire eBook." Whether building a fire in the rain or creating a fire-powered hot tub, this 20-page guide makes winter your new favorite season.

The "Kombucha Chronicles eBook" demystifies brewing this gut-friendly drink. Follow Lily Forester's journey from novice to pro, and you'll soon be brewing with confidence!

Lastly, Lily Forester's "Stitching My Life Together" is more than a craft book. It's a testament to resilience, brimming with craft patterns and inspiration.

In a nutshell, the Homestead Guru Bundle is a rich toolkit for your self-sufficient, non-conformist lifestyle. Let's embark on this journey together!


Get Access to 17 Freedom, Education, and Self-Sufficiency Sessions Plus $351 in Exclusive Bonuses... For Only $127


Here's Everything You Will Receive

  • Unlimited Lifetime Access to the 17 Expert Session Replays (Plus Rebecca and Miranda)
  • Transcripts and Notes
  • Q&A and Round Table Panels with the Experts
  • Homestead Guru Bundle
  • Much More